Welcome to Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Services

Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service or the AMTS is responsible for running the public bus service in the city of Ahmedabad. Today, AMTS has approximately 750 buses that run in the city, serving the people who use public transport. Additionally, AMTS also holds the responsibility for 50 BRTS buses and 100 feeder buses.

When it comes to local public transportation, AMTS has come forth as India's largest Municipal Transport Service. AMTS has been managed by a Transport Manager under a Transport Committee and Municipal Corporation from the very inception. AMTS is a voluntary service organization, with a service-oriented attitude and it is managed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. AMTS’ reach in its field has become wider with the expansion of the city area and progress in industries within the city.

At present, AMTS operates 750 buses in the city. In addition, AMTS is also responsible for 50 BRTS buses, and 100 feeder buses. AMTS will begin upgrading the red buses carrying local passengers in Ahmedabad and these red buses are highly advanced as compared to its predecessor. The new environmentally-friendly buses will run on compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel, same as low-floor buses of Delhi.

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