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The Bangalore Airport, being around 45 km outside of the city faced commuting problems to/from the airport. But, the introduction of airport buses operating on the long stretches connecting the city of Bengaluru to Airport has eased the commuting problem efficiently. The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates these airport buses, famously known as 'Vayu Vajra', on 11 routes throughout the city, resulting in 250+ trips every day. The airport buses are air conditioned and high-tech buses manufactured by the Volvo. These buses will give you a comfortable ride while you gaze at the city’s beauty through the window. Airport buses run at a frequency of every 30 minutes and that too at affordable price. Being a special service, Vayu Vajra runs 24/7 to serves both arrival and departure passengers.

So, if you just landed on the Bengaluru airport or even if you want to take a flight to other places from the Bengaluru airport, booking a ticket for these comfortable buses is one of the most efficient options you can have. Book your ticket for airport buses with Ridlr and also know about which bus route you are going over, only with Ridlr maps. You can download Ridlr app from the google play store and use it anytime when you travel.


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