Welcome to Indore Bus

Indore City Bus is a bus transit system operating in the city of Indore by AICTSL. Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd (AICTSL) operates inter-city and intra-city bus services catering to the masses in Indore to meet their transportation needs. The transit system runs on a 277 km long route throughout the city of Indore and its surrounding suburbs. AICTSL operates a fleet of 125 buses with AC and non-AC buses providing a comfortable ride to all the daily passengers.

With the growing need for the public transit system in the city, AICTSL started bus services and a new rapid bus transits system called BRTS. This has helped the city in dealing with the traffic jams and traffic delays as these buses run regularly carrying over 55,000 passengers from one place to another throughout the city, running on 30 routes.

The city bus offers daily passes to its daily commuters and its fare is quite cheap with the minimum charge of Rs. 8 and monthly charge of Rs 600 for the pass.

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