Welcome to Indore - BRTS

Running on more than 12 Km stretch, Indore’s first Bus Rapid Transport Service (BRTS), also Known as i-Bus (intelligent bus), offers the citizen of Indore a safe, convenient and comfortable journey. The Bus Rapid Transport system in Indore is now transporting more than 50,000 passengers daily from one place to another.

With increasing road congestion, traffic delays, and traffic accidents, the city needed a safe and convenient mode of travel. The Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) introduced the i-Bus as a measure to serve the people of the city which became operational on May 2013. With its dedicated lane, there are 21 status on the pathways of i-buses and buses run from 7 am to 11 PM. The i-Bus is the most preferred transit system in Indore, and also the most affordable transit with simple fare price. You can now travel up to 2 Km for Rs. 5, 8 Km for Rs.10, and 8 Km in just Rs.15. Isn't it amazing?

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