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CTC Trams and CTC buses work seamlessly together to serve the citizens of Kolkata. CTC started its bus services in 1992 and after the success of bus service in the city, the network has expanded rapidly. With more than 40 routes throughout Kolkata and its adjacent areas, CTC runs a fleet of buses which run at regular intervals with 9 bus depots around the city.

To move around the city through shorter routes, these buses offer its citizen a comfortable and convenient mode of travel at a fairly cheap price. Ridlr will tell you which bus to catch and which route to take to reach the desired spot, no matter where you are. Not only this, Ridlr also notifies you whenever a bus reaches your current spot along with the final destination of the bus you are about to catch. Go to Ridlr.in or Download the Ridlr app on your mobile phone for better access to the maps and bus timing.


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