Welcome to CTC Tram

Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC) operates tram system in Kolkata, West Bengal and it is currently the only tram system running in India and also the oldest electric tram system in Asia, running since 1902.

CTC operates a fleet of trams running daily in and around the Kolkata city to cope up with the road traffic chaos. Currently, CTC operates 275 trams out of which 125 trams run regularly, carrying 200 passengers at a time. There are seven tram depots in and around the city.

Trams are a fun way to move around the city if time is not your concern as they run slower than any other transmit. If you are a traveler who embraces the beauty, trams are the way to go, touring all around the city of Kolkata.

Ridlr has a detailed map of all the trams route and a complete guide on the tram system and timing. Wanna have a ride on Tram? Take out your phone and click on the Ridlr app, it’s that simple. You can also check the fare of each tram to the destination you want to go.


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